Honoring Native American Tribal Symbols and Sovereignty

As an attorney focused on upholding justice in my community, I aim to conduct my law practice in an ethical way that respects the diverse cultures and peoples of New Mexico. Recently, I sought and received authorization from the Pueblo of Zia leadership to include imagery representing their tribe in materials for my firm. Below is the letter from the Pueblo granting use. I was honored to be granted approval to move forward with incorporating their sacred sun iconography into my branding and communications.

The Zia sun symbol holds deep spiritual and cultural meaning for the Pueblo people, who have resided in this region stretching back over thousands of years. By securing consent through proper protocols, I aim to uphold the authority of this tribe and other Indigenous groups to determine appropriate uses of their signs, symbols and cultural heritage.

As I work to provide legal advocacy rooted in the vibrant multicultural landscape of New Mexico, I will continue seeking guidance to ensure my practice contributes to empowerment, healing and justice. Please feel free to share your thoughts on responsibly honoring the rich diversity of traditions in our communities as I build an inclusive legal practice. I'm happy to further discuss my approach to respectfully and ethically representing the diversity of New Mexico as I work to conscientiously build my law firm. Please reach out to our firm if you have any other questions or you'd like to hire us!